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Industrial mountaineering
Full range of high-altitude work in industrial mountaineering
We have been engaged in industrial mountaineering services for more than 15 years. Each client is individual and unique for us, we are attentive to details, choosing the optimal package of services for you, which allows you to reduce the cost of high-altitude work, increase productivity and speed of work at height, without losing the quality of the work done, doing it in the shortest possible time.
Areas of work
High-altitude cleaning
Window washing with 5-stage facade cleaning with direct water supply from hoses allows you to wash all the dirt from under the slats and hoods.
Installation of advertising
Today outdoor advertising finds new and unusual places to place: roofs of buildings, facades, high-rise extensions and much more.
Architectural lighting
Various types of architectural lighting are especially important in the aesthetic visual perception of buildings and structures.
We are always introducing new technologies for better service of your facility
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Our advantages
We have been working for 17 years
Since 2006
New technologies
We implement the latest technologies for high-quality and fast results
More than 100,000
Satisfied customers
Direct water supply at height
It helps to effectively get rid of salt and mud deposits from hard-to-reach places, without leaving streaks on the glass and any other surface.
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